At the heart of InfoFLR are packages of country information that IUCN has generated and gathered through our work with partners around the world, including a review of each country’s domestic targets, policies and programmes related to restoration and status updates on national restoration opportunities assessments. 

These profiles feature detailed information on each country's forest landscape restoration activities, divided into the following sections: 

  • Quick Facts on land use, population, GDP and more, to help contextualise the country's goals and programmes. Data from World Bank Indicators and IUCN.
  • Bonn Challenge Commitments made by national or subnational governments and any companies, organisations, or associations operating within the country.
  • National Restoration Targets as identified by an IUCN review of the country's existing policies, programmes and initiatives. These targets are examples of both planned and ongoing FLR implementation, which could ultimately be pledged to a global effort like the Bonn Challenge to help fulfill the country's international climate change, biodiversity and land degradation commitments.
  • IUCN Projects are activities taking place in the country with support from IUCN.
  • FLR Assessments highlight outputs from the country's ongoing restoration opportunities assessments, including an overview of the undertaking, maps of areas identified for FLR interventions, and the people and organisations involved in the assessment process.
  • News & Media is an aggregation of all news articles, announcements, publications, videos and photos relating to the country.

Not all countries currently feature content in every section, but the site is always growing, with more details added all the time.

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