Benin map

Benin is a country in West Africa, bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, and Burkina Faso and Niger to the north. A majority of the population live on its small southern coastline on the Bight of Benin, part of the Gulf of Guinea, in the northernmost tropical portion of the Atlantic Ocean. Benin is a tropical, sub-Saharan nation, highly dependent on agriculture, with substantial employment and income arising from subsistence farming. (Wikipedia)

Quick Facts

Land use

Total land area
11,276,000 hectares
Area of forest
38.2% of land area
Area of agriculture
33.3% of land area
Area of permanent cropland
4.4% of land area


10.9 million
Population growth
2.6% annually
Rural population

Economics and development

GDP from agriculture
GDP per person
779.10 USD

Climate change and biodiversity

CO2 emissions
0.60 metric tonnes per person
Threatened animal and plant species
Bonn Challenge Commitments
Goal year
Date committed
Area committed
200,000 hectares
Potential economic benefit
63 million USD
Potential climate benefit
0.02 GtCO2 sequestered
Goal year
Date committed
Area committed
300,000 hectares
Potential economic benefit
94 million USD
Potential climate benefit
0.03 GtCO2 sequestered
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